Welcome to Aburame Appreciation month!

From the beginning of September to the end we will be celebrating one of the most underappreciated clans on Naruto.

How? Simple. No matter what your skill level, make something! be it a fanfiction, a collage, art…just get out there and spread Aburame love.

Not that anyone needs an incentive, but I have one! I will be super busy with college stuff, so I may not get to add too much, but at least I can spread love and give cool prizes~

If you tag “aburame appreciation month” or my url (aburameshibi) in your content, I will put your url on a list for a raffle.


- A $25 credit to my shop and free shipping. (http://tenefix.storenvy.com)

- A $15 credit to my shop and free shipping. (May chose more than one for this!)

- I may give out smaller credits or add prizes if a lot of content is created! Will list additional prizes here. :D


1) All content is fine, but don’t be a roodypoo~ Have fun! Draw half naked men, cool bugs, genderbends, whatever pleases you. Spread the glory of the Aburame!

2) Fics should be at least 500 words? That’s really not much. I won’t count, but please remember the point is to appreciate!

3) Drawings/other art works should look like they took effort. I mean, stick figures are fine if that’s all you can do, but make them high quality stick figures that took at least five minutes please? I don’t care about your skill. Once again, this is about appreciation, so don’t so a bunch of stuff just to get your name entered.

4) All media will count. Sculptures, sewing, making faces out of grass…whatever  your talent is. Work it~

4) I am thinking of making a maximum of 5 entries per url? Seems fair, and if you make 5 things I’d love you forever anyways.

5) If you win, you have to give me an address to ship to. Can be yours, your uncles, your friend’s. I don’t care. Just give me a shipping place.

6) I will ship anywhere on Earth. If the winner is in the US there will likely be tracking too, can’t afford that for international though. ;c;

7) If you would like to donate/add prizes to this cause, HECK YES. NOTE ME SO FAST MY NECK BREAKS PLEASE.

8) Remember: appreciate. Any theme, any pairing. As long as there is at least one Aburame, you’re awesome. Smut, angst, whatever…it’s all fine but remember to tag appropriately for fellow fans.

9) Aburames include: Shibi, Shino, Muta, Torune, the guy who helped them fight Konan, and that root guy with the tattoo on his face. OCs will not count, but your content will count if there is one of the ones listed involved.

10) Your ask box needs to be open so I can contact you? ;w;

11) All properly tagged things will get your name a spot on a list. From there a random generator will be used to pick winners.

12) Contact me about any questions, and if it’s super important I will edit this post with the new info!


Ps: the 7th is Shibi’s birthday, wink wonk~ ;D